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TANGIBLE – The Book Nook

TANGIBLE: Making God Known Through Deeds of Mercy and Words of Faith
by Chris Sicks
NavPress, 9-781-612914411
PB, 160 pages

This is essentially a Christian self-help book. The author discusses the apologetics of mercy, stressing the necessity of both word and deed ministry and giving examples of how each may be applied. Special attention is shown to both Old and New Testament examples (the saving of |Isaac to the woman caught in adultery). Questions for discussion and reflection are also provided.

The book is a well-written, thought-provoking text. Concepts are illustrated through the use of real-life stories and cultural analogies. The author’s message regarding effective ministry is clearly conveyed and well supported through the use of numerous Scripture quotations. An extensive resource section is provided for further reading. The author, a Presbyterian pastor and former atheist, draws his arguments from personal experience and scriptural research. Due to its clear insights into ministry and witnessing, Tangible would make a fine addition to any church library.

Book Review by Kathryn L Kroeker who is a professional writing major at Taylor University and a book reviewer for Church Libraries.