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THE STRESS FACTOR: Finding Rest in an Uneasy World
by Brian Charette & Kerry Willis Beacon Hill Press
978-0-8341-3002-9, PB
156 pages, $13.99

Stress is everywhere and so are self-help books about it, so why another one?  Many books bog readers down with research and self-help mechanisms. This book uses storytelling as a new way for readers to understand and deal with stress.

Charette and Willis engage readers through the fictional episodes of Chris Seal.  Readers see themselves in the issues Chris faces, an average adult dealing with job demands, family problems, and emotional crises. Using the acronym REST, the authors insert advice, plans, and biblical examples at the end of the book for how each of Chris’s issues could be dealt with effectively.

The authors, both pastors, are transparent in sharing events from their own lives that taught them why, how, and when to deal with stressful matters. They supplement this by presenting current research from other sources regarding the positive and potentially negative aspects of stress.  This is not a heavy textbook, but rather a book that is informative and very readable.

Book Reviewed by Kristi Schweitzer a professional writing major at Taylor University and a freelance writer for WBCL radio, Church Libraries, and Christian Book Previews.