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AN OPEN HEART – The Book Nook

by Harry Kraus David C. Cook
978-0-7814-0535-5, PB
464 pages $14.99

Haunted by his painful past, Jace Rawlings returns to Africa in an attempt to make up for his sins by serving as a missionary doctor. After a car accident rocked Jace’s world, killing his passenger Anita Franks, who was the governor’s wife, and erasing his memory of what happened that night, Jace is unsure of many things, including his own faith, and whether or not he committed adultery. The only thing he is sure of is that he must return to Africa based on a calling from his dead twin sister Janice. His marriage is thrown into turmoil and his emotions are erratic as he slowly attempts to make a journey back to Christ.

This story exposes realistic cultural diversity while presenting medical crises.  It is best fit for mature audiences because readers need to process traumatic experiences including rape, torture, and death. Ultimately, its theme of redemption makes the book powerful.

Book Reviewed by Molly McNamara, a summer professional writing student at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.