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Jim SchindlerI can guarantee that the person who said, “Seventy is the new thirty,” has never been seventy.

Less Meat
Pedro Quezada, who won the $338 million Powerball jackpot, was asked what he was going to do with all that money. He said he could use a good car. When asked what kind of a car he had now, he replied, “My feet.” If more people used their feet…perhaps this country would have a lot less meat. But on the other hand, we might have a lot more agony of de-feet.

Did you read about Dylan Quick, the young man who stabbed fourteen people, at a Houston, Texas, community college? Now I suppose some fruitcake will try to ban knives. Then they’ll probably want to ban shoulder blades. All I can say is the shoulder blades are probably sharper than the fruitcakes.

After winning the Arnold Palmer International recently, Tiger Woods was voted #1 in the world. Mmmm, he must have gotten the ladies vote.
What a guy!

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Jim Schindler

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