Fort Wayne is proud to claim it is the home of a true American hero. Colonel Sion Bass was the first Colonel from Indiana to be killed in the Civil War. He was shot on the second day of fighting, in the Battle of Shiloh, April 7, 1862, when his horse became unmanageable almost throwing him off. When he dismounted to calm the frightened animal he was struck in the leg by a minie ball (bullet). He mounted back on his horse and still led his 30th Regiment Indiana in three charges saving the lives of many of his own men.

He was brought to an Army Field Hospital in Paducah, Kentucky after he passed out on his horse. Colonel Sion Bass lay on the cold ground in shock watching the stars, thinking and praying for his 30th Indiana Regiment until he passed away 7 days later on April 14, 1862.

Colonel Bass’ grave site is located in Lindenwood Cemetery, H33, in Fort Wayne.
It used to have a beautiful spire on top of the cemetery stone but somehow it was knocked over years ago and has never been replaced. The soldiers of Colonel Bass’ 30th Indiana Regiment originally placed this beautiful stone and spire there in 1863 as a tribute to their kind and courageous Colonel who gave his life for this Country and saved so many others even while he was wounded.

Restoration of the spire is the mission of Diane Klima, a lady from Chicago. She has started the Colonel Sion Bass Memorial Fund to replace that spire on the Colonel’s stone as accurately as possible as it was to its own original beauty. If anyone is interested in contributing to the restoration please mail to the 501c3 organization: Colonel Sion Bass Memorial Fund, c/o The War Veterans Memorial Shrine, 1727 Maplewood Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46819. Your donation is tax deductible and you will be sent a receipt.

The beauty of a hero’s sacrifice truly belongs to all of us-but in the Colonel’s case, especially to the people of Fort Wayne.

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