TRACEY JASON PLANTS FOR THE COMMUNITY 2011Tracey Jason, a kindergartner at Waynedale Elementary came by The Waynedale News and Imel Insurance Agency offices on Tuesday, March 7, 2011 to complete her final step in the Journey Program, which is part of Girl Scouts’ Daisies.

The Journey Program consists of three steps. The first is for the scout to simply Discover. Tracey took time to learn about numerous flowers as well as a safe procedure to plant. The second step was to connect. She ventured out to talk with other Girl Scout leaders as well as local gardeners to express her interest. The final step was to take action. Tracey took the initiative by planting geraniums & marigolds in the community.The Girl Scout program states that once these three steps have been completed the scout will have taken a leadership role.

Tracey was one of forty that were on a waiting list because a lack of adults being available to aid. If there are any adults or young girls interested in joining the Girl Scout program please contact Debbie Sorg at (260) 478-7722.

The Waynedale News wants to thank Tracey for planting the beautiful flowers!

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