USF PUBLIC ART PROJECT University of Saint Francis students and faculty sponsor Professor Dan Boylan wrapped up “iActed on Behalf of …,” a six-month interactive public art project to encourage Franciscan values and promote a community spirit of humanitarianism, last Friday.

After acting in a way that demonstrated or impacted selflessness, poverty, education, friendship, hunger, peace or wellness, students, faculty, staff and the public tied color-coded ribbons to the branches of a maple tree on the east side of Trinity Hall. Each color represented a specific virtuous act. The student group and Professor Boylan gathered at the tree Friday to remove over 3,000 colored ribbons and give comments about how the project changed them and allowed them to touch the lives of others.

Boylan launched the program to promote USF’s Franciscan values, engage students, welcome people to campus and promote a sense of community. Students Melissa Corcoran, chair, and Paige Young, Jessica Rorick, Angela Grigg, Stacy Litchfield and Taylor Morken, led the project. USF aspires to instill Franciscan values in the daily lives of its students, and this project gave the entire university and local communities a chance to act together to make a difference and grow as human beings, individually and collectively, Boylan said.

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