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Brighten up your bed with this beautiful quilt!Tis the season for thanks and giving

As Thanksgiving approaches many people in our community still struggle. There are many ways to show thanks for the blessing in our lives by giving to others.

The Waynedale United Methodist and the Avalon Missionary Church are among the many churches and community organizations that operate food pantries. Conducting a neighborhood food collection for a local pantry is a wonderful way of giving back and helping neighbors in need.

A year ago I discovered an even better way to assist a food pantry. Now instead of donating cans of food, I purchase Wal-Mart or Meijer scrip through Most Precious Blood Church to donate to the Bloomingdale pantry. Now my gift benefits both my church and gives the pantry coordinator the means to purchase perishables like milk, eggs, fruits and veggies.

Many churches, schools and organizations use scrip as a fundraising tool. Check out how your giving can benefit two worthy causes. They will thank you for it.

Recently a couple brought their family quilts to the Born Again Quilts studio. The couple took their grandchildren into their home and is raising them on their limited budget. I promised them I would do my best to find a new home for their very finest quilt.

You can admire and purchase this beautiful hand appliqué and stitched floral quilt circa the 1940s at the Stitch N Frame, 4220 Bluffton Road. Double-bed size with quadruple borders it is a joy to view. The fine ladies at A Quilt of Many Colors appraised this purple, green and yellow quilt at $200.

Its sale would be a blessing on the purchaser and the couple who relinquished it.

May our hearts be full of thanks and our hands full of giving!

Contact Lois at 260-515-9446 or www.bornagainquilts.com.

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