James NillToday’s society consists of mainly fast food, junk food, unbalanced meals, skipping breakfast, and always being on the run.  This might get us past our cravings, or fill our stomachs up enough to ignore the rumblings, but is it really helping us?  I could tell you that you should eat healthier and exercise more but we all know what we need to do, and we don’t do it for the following reasons; 1- We are too busy and/or in a hurry, 2- Healthy food costs too much, 3- It doesn’t taste good, 4- I don’t know how to make it, and 5- No one in the family will eat it.  I remember when my mother would try to cook something healthy and when I found out that it was “fat free” I wouldn’t eat it (and I still don’t because our body needs fat, good fats, which will be explained more in future articles).  So what do we do?  Well, first of all I am going to tell you a little about why we need to eat healthy, followed by a basic three meal diet, and ending with an alternative solution for people who cannot do this meal plan or want to add to it.

Our body depends on nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to survive and if we do not get these things, then our body breaks down and is more susceptible to diseases.  Without a good diet and lack of exercise, our body starts to store excess sugar and fat, slows our metabolism down, and results in obesity and eventually diabetes.  (I will be discussing a little bit more about diabetes in future articles, but for now I just wanted to make a point.)  In today’s society we are also exposed to environmental toxins from the air, and the foods we eat, when in our body is broken down in the liver and released as free radicals that can eventually cause cancer.  Thus our body needs antioxidants to fight off these free radicals.  And finally, without these proper nutrients it causes depletion in our immune system.

A good meal would consist of the following; for breakfast make a fruit smoothie/shake from frozen fruit and add some powdered whey protein (one scoop).  For lunch maybe a tuna/seafood salad with some fruit.  And for dinner, a meal consisting of fish or chicken (then pork and then beef), rice, beans, a vegetable of choice, potato, salad and fruit salad for desert all with ice water with a lemon for a beverage.  This kind of diet will help boost your energy along with boosting your immune system.  Of course all these meals need to be prepared right.  Use olive oil and not vegetable oil if possible.  Use butter and not margarine (contains saturated fats).  Steam your vegetables for health and flavor, and by all means try to stay away from frying your food.

For those who cannot eat a diet such as this or for those who do but want to boost their immune system (thus decreasing the chance of illness and infection) then there are some herbs, vitamins, and other supplements which might help.  This is what I call my “Health Booster” which consists of a combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals scientifically proven to help “boost” our immune system along with providing the proper antioxidants we need.  They consist of the following; Vitamin A, C, E, Zinc (30mg/day), Selenium, Co-Enzyme Q-10, Echinacea (when symptoms arise), goldenseal (except for pregnant women and people with high blood pressure), Elderberry Extract, and one of each of the OPC constituents (Grape seed extract, Pine Bark extract, and Green Tea) which are antioxidants.  These products can be found in stores but for maximum effect it is recommended that you obtain your products from a health professional that carries the best/natural products for your body.  With a diet and supplements like this, your chance of getting sick can be decreased immensely.  If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 260-459-2205.

Dr. Nill.

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