Well, you’ll probably remember Albert, the elf, living in the Big House with Santa and his parents. He made toys, dolls and painted trains and built houses, trains and cars. The problem was he didn’t do anything right. He did sloppy work. Santa and his parents picked on him all the time. He didn’t like that and decided to run away.

The reindeer really liked Albert but Donner was his favorite. So one snowy night he slipped away to the stable hitched up Donner and they flew away into the cold, black Artic night. It wasn’t too long when they needed shelter out of the frozen land and frigid weather. Albert found what looked like abandoned igloo. He hitched up Donner and cautiously entered the pitch black darkness of the igloo. He felt around the floor and discovered something thick and furry. He could stay here the night out of the cold. So he nestled down in the furry blanket.

In the morning as the sun streamed into the igloo, He discovered he was sleeping on a polar bear! He was so sacred. The polar bear spoke out real loud and asked who was sleeping on him. Siegfried was his name but the eskimos called him, Grandpa. Albert explained why he ran away.
Grandpa Siegfried told Albert he needed to do his jobs until they were perfect. And what would Santa do without one of his reindeer. Albert realized he had to do better. Mistakes made him look bad. Grandpa Siegfied urged him to return home do all his jobs perfectly. He took them as far as he could, then pointed the way to the Big House. Sadly they left each other and shed a tear as they said goodbye.

Siegfried felt sad. They continued until they saw a big house in the distance.

“What are Mamma and Papa going to do to me and what will Santa say,” he thought.

He tried to sneak into the house but Santa saw him first. Santa was so glad to see him and Donner that he hugged Albert and told him how much he had missed him and was really worried about him. Albert’s parents heard the commotion and came quickly out to greet him. Mama Elf cried and maybe Papa Elf had a tear or two in his eyes. They were so happy that he was OK and back home. Santa held a big celebration with lots of food for Albert’s return. He even let Albert wear his Santa coat and hat! Albert had run away but now he had returned.

Well, Albert was different. He worked hard at the various jobs he was given. Now the dolls looked like dolls, the trains like trains and the candy canes were perfect; all because he worked hard and long to get them just right.

On Christmas Eve he and his parents waved goodbye to Santa. He started his long journey to take toys and goodies to all boys and girls around the world. Albert knew that many children would receive the toys he had made and painted. That idea made him feel so proud. His parents were also proud of him. Even Donner winked at him as the reindeer took off into the night sky.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

The Waynedale News Staff

Opa (Grandfather) Vizino your neighbor in the Winterset Addition

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