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For many folks who are struggling in northeast Indiana this was a particularly long, hot summer. The good news is that school has started and many of those children can now rely on at least one nutritious meal every weekday. That helps so much for families living at or below the 185% federal poverty level. And, on the weekends, many of those children will have the benefit of a backpack filled with kid-friendly food from Community Harvest. I’m proud of our Backpack and our Kids Cafe® programs because children need nutritious food to grow and be successful. However, I also know that there are so many more children out there that need our help.


Every five years, Congress reexamines the laws that govern child nutrition programs which include WIC, school breakfast and lunch programs, the summer food service program and several others. This month Congress will begin the process of reauthorizing the child nutrition act.

You can help us ensure more hungry children are fed by contacting your legislators and asking them to strengthen the quality and efficiency of all child nutrition programs so that low income children will have access to a safe, nutritious and healthy diet. A visit to Feeding America’s Hunger Action Center at www.hungeractioncenter.org <www.feedingamerica.org/>  will provide you with all the information you need to easily to make your voice heard.

The fact of the matter is, last year 38% of our clients were children. Through our Childhood Hunger Initiative, Community Harvest Food Bank provides healthy meals, 7 days a week, all year long to children living at or near poverty. The food we provide a child today contributes to lasting benefits well into adulthood.

To learn more about what we do at Community Harvest I’d like to invite you to our facility. There is no better way to show the problem of hunger in northeast Indiana than by coming to our facility on Tillman Road in Fort Wayne and seeing the incredible amount of predominantly donated food that passes through our warehouse every day. It’s a great way to educate your children about others less fortunate and what they can do to help. It is also a great opportunity for businesses and organizations to learn how they can make a big difference in this community. Because you see, collectively we can alleviate hunger in northeast Indiana, we really can. Visit our website to see other ways you can help feed hungry people at www.chfb.org <www.chfb.org>

So, write your Congressmen and urge them to support the reauthorization of the child nutrition act and help support Community Harvest this fall by attending events, volunteering and helping us raise food and funds. By giving a little, you help feed a lot!


Jane Avery

Executive Director

Community Harvest Food Bank of NE Indiana, Inc.

999 E. Tillman Road

Fort Wayne, IN 46816


The Waynedale News Staff

Jane Avery

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