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Dear Michael,


Having become a “Waynedaleite” some 4 years ago after living in the Harrison Hill area for 37 years, I was determined to remain on the south side of the city. I now read The Waynedale News right along with my favorite Wall Street Journal! Really, my retirement gift to myself upon leaving behind the classroom after 36 years was the Wall Street Journal delivered to my door six days a week. Granted having taught in Catholic Schools for a pittance, I am not into the economic articles but the many other fantastic articles in the Wall Street Journal.

Congratulations on your role in taking over The Waynedale News. WAY TO GO!! I happened to see online that Eric Pennycoff is involved in some capacity also. Please tell Alex Cornwell, as a St. Francis alumna myself, I wish him the best, too.

Good Luck!


Your former teacher,

Mrs. Hahn

The Waynedale News Staff
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