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“Go Max Go!” shouted Sam as his dog raced through the obstacle course. Max was the last dog to race and he was neck and neck with the leading component’s time. “Wooh Max. That’s my boy!” Sam screamed as Max crossed the finish line beating the other dog by only a second. Sam ran out onto the obstacle course were he congratulated his dog for doing such a great job. He was so happy that his dog had won because that meant that Max would be competing in the mighty dogs speed race which only the very best dogs competed in. Max was a very well trained dog. He was an eight year old, full blooded boxer. Even though he was starting to get older he was still as spunky as ever.


The next few days Sam walked Max to Yellow View Park where there was a huge field to practice in. One day after practicing all his jumps and speed Sam decided to give Max a little break and take him home early. As they were walking home he noticed that Max was walking a lot slower and panting very heavily so he frantically called his mom.

“ Mom, Max isn’t feeling to well. He is breathing very fast and now he won’t walk anymore. Mom, please come pick him up. He needs to go to the vet, and fast!”

“OK honey, I’m on my way,” his mom replied.

Sam bent down to Max’s level and started to talk to him, “It’s okay Max, mom is on her way. She is going to be here soon hang in there bud, it’s going to be okay.”

About five minutes later Sam’s mom pulled up. Sam quickly opened the trunk and helped Max into the trunk, then ran to the front and hopped in. His mom sped off and they were at the vets in no time. Sam and his mom walked Max to the back of the room and the veterinarian lifted Max up onto the table.

Sam and his mom walked into the waiting room while the vet inspected Max. A few minutes later she came out and asked them to come back in. They walked in and the vet said, “Max has a heart disease called Cardiomyopathy. I’m afraid he only has a couple of hours to live. I’m very sorry.”

As she finished her sentence tears started to roll down Sam’s face. Thoughts were racing through his head. Sam had owned Max since he was five and he could barely remember living without him. He had always been his best friend and now he Max was going to be gone forever.

Even though Max couldn’t talk he is the one that Sam could relate to best.

What will I do without him? Sam thought. How can I possibly make it?

As the tears started to roll faster his mom hugged him but he pushed away from her and grasped Max as tight as he possibly could. Then he started to talk to Max “I have always loved you boy and you know I will never stop loving you. You are one of the best things that ever happened to me and without you I don’t know what I will do. But you just remember I will always love you no matter what.”

Then he kissed him and walked toward his mom and by now he was bawling. His mom once again hugged him and as they walked out of the room Sam’s mom also started to cry. They got home and told his dad what happened and he was just as sad.

About a week later as Sam started to get a bit happier with his parents doing everything they could to make him happy they talked about getting a new dog. Sam quietly said, “I have really been missing Max and I could use a dog to make me happy and cuddle with but I’m just not quite sure if I’m ready.

Then his dad said, “I am ready to get a dog when you are but if you are not ready I definately understand.”

Then his mom said, “If we were to get another dog what kind would you want?”

“Hmmm…I’m not really sure I love boxers alot but I’ve kind of been wanting a bigger dog with long hair so I can cuddle up against it when I’m cold.”

Sam woke up the next day and something just felt strange. He hopped out of his bed and went downstairs. “Mom, Dad,” he yelled but no one replied. He walked out into their backyard and there his parents were, and running around in the grass was a little puppy about as big as his forearm.

“Mom, what kind of dog is it?”

“It is a Saint Bernard, a big furry dog just like you said you would want. Your dad and I did research online and it said they were great family dogs.”

“Oh, my gosh, thank you, thank you so much mom and dad. He is so cute!”

Sam ran out into the yard and scooped him up.

“What do you think we should name him?”

“We could name him Buddy,” said his mom.

“Nah, how about Cooper,” said his dad.

“He doesn’t look like a Cooper.”

“Oh, how about Frankie,” yelled Sam.

Everyday Frankie and Sam became better friends. Frankie always slept at the end of the bed to guard him. One night Sam and his parents got awakened by Frankie barking. This really scared them because Frankie never barked. So Sam’s dad grabbed a bat and crepted down the steps. As he reached the bottom he saw a man dressed in black running out the door and across the front yard.

When the policeman got there to investigate the scene he said, “You have one great guard dog.”

That man that almost came into your house was wanted. He had robbed other houses and is a known murderer. He could’ve done some real damage but now we have him.

Sam cracked a smile and looked up at his dad. When the policemen left they all started hugging Frankie and congratulating him. Sam whispered in his ear, “You are the best dog ever.”

A few weeks later he was awarded most courageous dog by the police department. Everyone around the city knew about him, and he turned out to be a great dog.

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