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One day while Amy and Judy were jumping rope, they noticed something rather awkward; something small… and blended into the grass. Amy almost stepped on it. When they bent down to take a look, it was a chameleon. Both sprung back in shock, and screamed. But it ran away, so all it would now ever be is a short memory to tell.

But then, they saw the mailman pass by and they thought they would look in the mailbox for their slips from school telling them who their next teacher would be. So, Judy walked across the road to the mailbox. Amy walked down the street, and now Penny and Jill were checking too. Everyone in the fifth grade talked about how nice Mrs. Stacy was. She gave great grades, was very nice, gave you soda, was fun, always planned field trips, and was the best of teachers. But Mr. Cam, now he was truly, a different story. He was a mean green fighting machine, he was tough, gave bad grades, never went on fieldtrips, always yelled at kids in his class, and supposedly ran a kid out of the school! He was the worst of teachers, but of course all of these fourth graders have never witnessed this, or even been in this part of the building.

The girls looked left, and the girls looked to the right. “ONE…TWO…THREE!!!!!” They all yelled and took a look. “Yes! Mrs. Stacy for me!” called Jill. “Awesome stuff!” exclaimed Amy she got Mrs. Stacy too. Penny was speechless; all she did was throw the slip in the air and after about 30 seconds scream, “YEEESSS!” obviously, we knew who she got…the only one left was Judy. She thought she was going to be sick. She got Mr. Cam! She looked both ways and said, “I just hope he isn’t as mean to me as the kid he chased out of the school…” Everyone felt so bad at this point they couldn’t speak. But Judy could talk only while sniffling and shaky-voiced. “It’s okay… really it’s okay…” but no one was fooled, especially after one single tear came from Judy’s eyes.

Days passed, and everyone felt sorry for Judy, and told her she was the unluckiest person in the world for getting him. She didn’t exactly have any choice! Judy would cry herself to sleep some nights. She just begged her parents to talk to the principal about a transfer.

And when the first day of school came, Mr. Cam never yelled, was actually really nice. He always talked in a kind tone, and always helped people out. On the other end of the hallway… Mrs. Stacy never stopped yelling, and being mean to the class As a matter of fact, at lunch, the girls said Mrs. Stacy was the meanest teacher they ever had, and Judy had the nicest. Everyone apologized to Judy for the things they said, and admitted they were wrong. And for about two weeks straight, Amy, Penny and Jill were begging their parents for a transfer, but it was too late!

Judy learned that you can’t count on what other people tell you about someone. You must find out for yourself. She felt she had learned a valuable lesson, and tucked it away in her brain for future reference.

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