Looks for Heart Warming Stories of Those Who Went the Extra Mile to Help


During the December ice storm that left thousands of Fort Wayne residents without power, some for many days, I asked citizens to check on their neighbors to help ensure no one was in danger. We had such cold temperatures plus no electricity left many houses without any heat.

During and the since the storm, I have heard story after story of people who made big efforts to reach out to friends, family and even strangers. People offered help and hope to individuals and families who were cold, tired, and hungry. It’s these stories that make me proud to be part of this community.

I would like to acknowledge and possibly publicly recognize many of those who went to great lengths to help others. I’m asking Fort Wayne residents to send me a note on the City’s website to tell me their stories of warm-hearted individuals, businesses and organizations who made a difficult situation a little more bearable for others.

Submissions can be made until February 2 at Thank you to all of those who made such an effort and helped avoid a terrible storm from becoming a tragedy.

We are also continuing to remove branches left curbside throughout Fort Wayne. I know the Waynedale area had some neighborhoods with lots of damage. I’ve directed City departments to hire private contractors to supplement City crews and help speed clean up of these brush piles.

I’m committed to hiring local tree services, landscapers and general contractors so the City keeps the spending and the work for companies and people in the Fort Wayne area. The extra crews also ensure that our City departments continue to offer the services our taxpayers expect such as snow removal, pothole repair and getting our parks ready for spring recreation.

If you want to remove the limbs and brush yourself, you can take it to one of our drop-off sites, which will be open until the end of January. We have a map of the sites on the City’s website.


To see a map of the branch collection sectors, visit


To see a map of the branch drop-off sites, visit


To help expedite the curbside pick-up, the City offers the following recommendations when possible:

•Place branches perpendicular, not parallel, to the street

•Put the branches in multiple small piles instead of a single, large pile

•Trim long branches into smaller pieces

•Keep the branches from extending into the street

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