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One day Debbie was waking up for school. She noticed the clock said 8:43am so she should be going.

“Mom… I might be a little late. I am taking the long way to school,” Debbie called. But, her mom said, “Debbie, take the short way. Why would you take the long way if you would be late? Use common sense. One more tardy and you might get suspended!”

Debbie then asked her mother if she would take her to school, but Debbie’s mom said no. Debbie frowned. Sooner or later she would have to tell her mother the problem.

“Okay,” said Debbie. So she walked out the door. Walking down the sidewalk she noticed Carlos standing up.

“Debbie,” he said, “Nobody even likes you. Why do you bother to leave the house?” The entire group of friends laughed. “Why don’t you just go home and cry to your mommy?” Laughing started again.

Debbie looked up and said, “Today, I am going to tell on you, and all the trouble you have caused me.” For about a second Carlos seemed like he didn’t know what to do. But in a flash he said, “I don’t care about you, so why would I care about what your mom does?” Carlos looked at Debbie as if she was stupid. “I care about myself and my feelings, and that’s what matters. Not about you and how you feel. It’s about my feelings being hurt.”

Carlos smiled, “Okay?” Debbie walked right past them and Carlos called, “Debbie if you tell on me, then I will tell everyone lies about you.” But Debbie shrugged and kept going. Even though Debbie cried she didn’t let them see that. That was a sign that she was strong.

When Debbie got to school, she told her teacher. And when her teacher found out, she called Debbie’s mother. And the best part, when Debbie’s mother found out, she called Carlos’ mother and let’s just say when she found out, he wasn’t coming out of his room for a long time. And Debbie knew it was always okay to tell on bullies.

And for the record, Carlos didn’t tell any lies about her. Matter of fact, he apologized to her. And every time they see each other, they smile and wave with no space between them any longer.

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