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Redeemer Radio, Catholic Radio AM 1450, is delighted to announce a celebration to be held on January 6, 2009 from 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. to honor Redeemer Radio’s third anniversary on the air. The festivities will be held at the headquarters of Redeemer Radio, at 4705 Illinois Road, in Fort Wayne, and will include several special announcements and presentations. Friends and supporters of Redeemer Radio are invited to attend.

Six years ago, a small group of local lay Catholics made the decision to start a Catholic radio station for the Fort Wayne area in answer to the call of Pope John Paul II to use modern media for the New Evangelization. The Bishop of Fort Wayne, Bishop John D’Arcy and many priests and laypeople in the diocese of Fort Wayne gave their enthusiastic support, and after much hard work and careful planning, airtime was purchased on a local commercial radio station to broadcast “Catholic Answers Live” weekdays in drive time. Listeners responded excitedly, and the show became the station’s number one rated program. Finally, in December 2005, Redeemer Radio purchased WLYV, AM 1450, bringing full-time Catholic radio to our area.

Three years have passed quickly, and Redeemer Radio has become a fixture in the daily lives of Catholic and non-Catholics all over northern Indiana and beyond. The celebrations on January 6 will recognize the work of the past and look forward to a bright future. The occasion will also serve to announce some exciting changes for the station’s programming lineup. The anticipated new schedule will include: “The Son Rise Morning Show,” with host Brian Patrick, broadcasting live from Cincinnati, Ohio; Father Larry Richards; “Women of Grace” with Johnette Benkovic; Father John Corapi; “The Doctor Is In” with Dr. Ray Guarendi & Colleen Kelly Mast; and an additional hour of “Kresta in the Afternoon.” Long range plans include a Spanish-language station in the Fort Wayne area and a live local daily program.

Two other special events will take place at the celebration. First, Redeemer Radio will extend its official thanks and appreciation to the founders of the station. Special thanks will be given to one of the founders, outgoing Board Chair Chris Langford, and new Redeemer Radio Board Chairperson, Mike Kelly will be introduced.

Father Mark Gurtner, Pastor of Our Lady of Good Hope Parish, will speak on the true meaning of the Feast of the Epiphany, one of the oldest Christian feasts commemorating the manifestations of the divinity of Christ.

Reflecting on the anniversary, Chris Langford declared, “It has been a privilege to bring Catholic radio to our diocese. Over the course of these three years, the response has been fantastic. Our audience continues to grow, with listeners telling us on a regular basis how much Redeemer Radio means to them – evangelizing, educating and serving the Catholic community.

We’ve expanded our syndicated programming, introduced our own local shows, including programs with our priests and live events like ordinations from the Cathedral. We evangelize new listeners and promote Catholic education through our broadcasts of local Catholic school football and basketball.

Looking to the future, we are in the planning stages for a capital campaign to retire our station acquisition debt. This is a critical enabler to our future plans to expand our coverage in and around the diocese. To host these new services, we will need to increase the size and capabilities of our studio.

So there is much exciting to look forward to. We are grateful for the support of all of our listeners, volunteers, donors and for the excellent collaboration with the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and Bishop John D’Arcy.”

Blessed with programming from the heart of the Church – positive, unifying and with broad appeal, in collaboration with the diocese – Redeemer Radio remains a local independent Catholic radio apostolate that serves the Catholic community of Fort Wayne, Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio. The station is financially separate from the diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend, and is entirely dependent on the support of listeners.

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