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All through the summer months I am asked exactly how to trim trees. After the recent ice storm, the rules don’t matter anymore. If it’s broke, cut it! It just doesn’t matter where you trim, just break out the chainsaw and get to it. The good news (if there is such a thing) is that during the winter months, while the trees are dormant, is the best time to trim trees. You should not have to worry about insects or diseases interring through the open cuts at this time of year and by the time you would have a problem, the cuts will have healed. No need to use any pruning paint just be sure to make clean, straight cuts.

I cannot help remembering earlier this year when the city hired tree-trimming companies to go up and down the streets to drastically cut back the trees to get them away from the phone and electric wires, especially the ones near Winchester Woods on the Bluffton Road. We all had a fit at how far back they cut them. I for one hope that next summer they get back on the job and cut the trees as far back as they want. Any trimming that the city does to our trees will be better than having the branches breaking and tearing off of the trees, taking down power lines as they fall.

Let’s all do our part as well by thinking before planting about where the closest power lines are to the location that we are landscaping. Know in advance just how tall and wide the new trees are going to grow. And while you are outside trimming the broken branches from this storm, think about how the other trees in your yard may cause problems and clean them up too. Look not only at the trees near the roads but at the trees and tall shrubs that may be in your side and back yards interfering with phone, electric and cable lines. I don’t know about you but I do not want to miss a minute of my favorite television shows.

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