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It’s time to think about pruning trees, and if you’re a company like Indiana & Michigan, that’s a big job.


On September 2, I & M Forster Kevin Scott was in the Waynedale area at 2508 Genessee Avenue looking at some problem trees. At the back utility easement behind Shelly Swick’s house were two large maples and one old elm. The trees had grown into the power lines and were snuggled up to a transformer.

Kevin said, “Yard trees are generally the responsibility of the home-owner, but when the invasive trees are creating a safety problem, I&M will sometimes take them down.”
Scott was using a subcontractor (Asplundth Tree Experts) for this particular job.

Asplundth brought in a crew and started the job on Wednesday, September 3rd. Their tree expert oversaw the work and the neighbors brought out lawn chairs to watch the delicate operation of extracting tons of wood from the crowded easement.

There were two Asplundth people in the trees wearing tree spurs and tieing themselves off after each cut. They were as skilled as any circus acrobats in a high wire act. The down men stayed at the ready, lowering each chunk of wood to a safe landing on the ground. The brush was drug to a chipper and the large pieces were cut to manageable lengths.

The old elm was over 13 feet in circumference. The maples were 8 ft. and 12 ft. circumference and all three trees were removed from the utility easement.

By Friday, all that was left were three stumps and a lot of sawdust. Thanks to Forster Scott from I & M, and the crew from Asplundth for a job well done.


Shelly Swick has firewood available. Twenty dollars a pick-up load, load your own. Call 478-4634.

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