Welcome to this day, my friends. Today we will journey to the east direction of the Medicine Wheel. This is the direction of illumination, the ahas of life; those wonderful moments where we have a smile on our face and a song in our heart. Those moments that give us goose bumps; happy times that we cherish forever.

This is the direction where we receive blessings from The Creator, from family and friends, from Nature. The direction where we come into spiritual balance.

Wow! It feels so wonderful to be in the prayer circle with you my friends. This is a good medicine wheel, full of love and respect.

Let us go now to the center of our circle and say our gratitude prayers and ask that The Way Shower guide us to the next direction and spiritual teaching of The Medicine Wheel. Oh – you do know who The Way Shower is, don’t you? He indeed knows you and loves you. His very name is the Illumination that we seek in our prayer circle (The Medicine Wheel). Just say His name and invite Him into your heart.

God bless you, my friend. See you in the circle.


Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

The Waynedale News Staff
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Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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