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Former Waynedale resident solves gas shortage problem


Clyde Mitchell of Lake Placid, Florida sent The Waynedale News a picture showing off his new vehicle. He said, “When I returned to my Florida home after my wife’s passing (a year ago) I needed a project to keep me busy. On a radio program I heard a man advertising a used electric wheelchair.

In due time, I contacted him…purchased the chair and built the vehicle. I have now been gone from the Waynedale area for almost 4 years but, I still own The Dollar Store at 6443 Bluffton Road.”

The used wheelchair has enough pep to drive him at a walking speed to card games at the community clubhouse or the doctor’s office.

The initial cost was two hundred dollars. He made the frame from PVC piping and ½ inch plywood for the roof. He later added fringe for a touch of class. A Wal-Mart seat cover, carpet, horn, plus a fiberglass water barrel cut to the shape of a car hood all added to what then, barely resembled a wheelchair. Head and caution lights, more than a dozen reflectors, a spare tire and a license plate reading, “Mitch” almost completed the custom vehicle. A paint job by JS Arts custom airbrushing made it look like a car of the future.

“I’m a product of the great Depression and we had to do everything ourselves or it never got fixed,” said the 85 year-old. “I have a lot of experience over the years.”

The Clydemobile gets plugged in about once a week. As gas prices continue to spiral out of control the Clydemobile is not troubled as it runs smoothly into the future.

If you have a picture of an unusual or custom vehicle, please send the picture with a brief description to The Waynedale News.

The Waynedale News Staff

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