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The Police Museum opened to the public on October 20, 1985. It has hundreds of items on display and a large amount of reference material on hand.

The Museum is located at the old City Hall site at Barr and Berry Streets (302 East Berry). The main gallery for the Police Museum is located in the basement which once was the Fort Wayne lock up or jail area.

The Fort Wayne/Allen County Police Memorial was established November 25, 1988. It is located on the east side of the Historical Museum building by the main entrance.

Back in 1981 fundraising was quite a challenge, but the museum came up with about $27,000, which got them up, and running. Over the past years the museum has had a few setbacks. The dampness in the basement became a big problem. It caused the foundation to crumble, and the floors to break up due to the water leaking up through them. In 1999 there was a minor flood in the basement, which caused complete damage to the display cases, dry wall and flooring. They were very fortunate not to have any damage to the artifacts.

The Historical Society has already invested over three hundred thousand dollars in a new sewer drain system and a complete new concrete floor though the lower level.

At this time, the Historical Society is planning a substantial expansion to the Police Museum area and is in need of funds for its completion. Some of the things are, but not limited to, flooring, repairs to the walls, partition walls, display cases, lighting audio and visual equipment and the expansion of the fire and burglar alarm systems. All the help we can give them will make a first rate Police Museum for our city.

The Museum and the Memorial will both be celebrating anniversaries this year. The museum is in need of donations. If you would be interested in donating to this cause just go to the History Center, 302 E. Berry Street.

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