I thought for this issue I would skip computer tips and remind you that the internet can be entertaining and educational. For those of you interested in science you might find this website interesting. Go to Here you will find Earth viewer and moon viewer. Either allows you to pick the satellite you wish to view on the earth. You can then choose map, and see the earth as if it were flat, and follow the sunrise as it travels across the planet, or zoom in on individual cities as they light up the night sky. Also available are views of the earth from the sun or moon. Images can be generated in color or see the globe covered with clouds, or just view those areas covered with water and ice. This site also provides a close view of the moon as seen from the earth or the sun, including the dark and the light side, plus a list of all full moons, new moons and a lunar perigee and apogee calculator. From the home page you can click on solar eclipse and follow the path of the 1999 and the 2001 solar eclipses as they traveled across the globe. And don’t overlook the eclipse photo gallery taken in Africa.

This site includes 14 different calendar converters that can be downloaded for free. There are audio clips of moon landings, as well as comets and a variety of planet and stars. Really too much to go on about—you need to check it out for yourself.

Another fun thing to keep you busy is a Google search for public online cameras and video feeds. Some of these are high quality feeds that allow you to control the pan and tilt of the camera. A couple of the good ones are, this site includes 15 cameras viewing the area surrounding NASA, as well as the shuttle, and payload processing. Or This one has 16 cameras viewing Times Square in New York. Or how about These are live web cam pictures located at a watering hole at the Tembe Elephant Park in the northeast corner of South Africa, near the Mozambique border. Here you will see some of the largest elephants on the planet in their natural surroundings. The internet can be more than games and research have a little fun as you surf. And as always if you have any comments or questions, send them to

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