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There is a growing concern in the world about our Earth’s environment being destroyed by global warming, and the landfills are filling up fast.

Conservation efforts are failing, and our planet’s rainforests are being depleted to help fuel the demand for housing and wood products around the globe. With the planets population reaching over 6.5 billion people, there is not much man can do to slow the demand for quality lumber products and stop the global warming that forests help prevent.

One small local business located on Winchester Road in Waynedale is playing a vital part in aiding the conservation effort by taking trees that would have filled our local landfills and turning them into usable lumber. That business is owned and operated by retired truck driver Paul Sills and two part-time employees.

S & S Custom Cut Lumber has been in business for nearly ten years and takes trees cut down in residential areas to make quality lumber available to the public. The larger mills will not do this because of the expense of their cutting blades, and the possibility of nails and other defects in the trees. This does not stop S & S, because the blades on the small mill are relatively inexpensie. The small mill also allows for inspection of the tree to determine the best way to get more lumber from the them, thus making less waste and aiding in improving the environment.

S & S has a wide variety of woods available, from oak to maple, and in the sizes typically found in the larger mills. The relatively low operating cost of the small mill allows for the customer to be able to purchase high quality lumber at a lower cost than if they would have went to a large supplier. All lumber cut from S & S is derived from trees that have been taken down in our area either by the City or by a local tree service. The atmosphere is friendly, and the customer is definitely Number One.

So how does this small local company operate? First, the customer tells S & S what they plan to do with the lumber they are purchasing and the specifications that they wants, ie, length, thickness and width. Next, they specify the type of wood they want and if it is available. If not, they are allowed to look at what is in stock. If nothing is found in stock, the employees, supervised by Mr. Sills, will find a suitable log and cut the lumber to their specification. If the customer has a log they would like to have cut into lumber, they can bring it in to S & S and have it cut to their specifications.

S & S can also kiln dry lumber for a client. Drying usually takes from three to four weeks and adds to the life of the lumber. This process takes fresh cut lumber and puts it under heat at approximately 90 degrees to pull the moisture out of the wood. The kiln is aided by a dehumidifier and a fan to circulate air which aids in even drying.


If you have a project you would like to construct out of wood, from a new deck on your house to just a jewelry box for your sweetie, check out S & S Custom Cut Lumber at 7920 Winchester Road. Or call Paul Sills at 260-760-7312 and he will fix you right up.

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