LightenUp Wellness Center at 3501 Fairfield is a “fitness” center of a new sort. The proprietors, Barb and Kent Murphy, are skilled “trainers” in teaching clients to take care of their most important possession: their health.

The Murphys’ wellness methods are based on a potent mixture of ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge and technology. Besides carrying a full range of nutritional supplements from Youngevity® and Dr. Joel Wallach, author of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, the Murphy’s use an impressive collection of tools to help relieve stress and strengthen the body’s own defenses. Some of their devices sport rather intriguing names like the Chi Machine®, the Hot House®, the Electro Reflex Energizer® and the Soqi Bed®. What all these tools have in common is their ability to help the user relax and regain balance and energy of both a physical and spiritual sort. By submitting themselves to these methods, clients improve their health and have a good time too.

“It’s easier and cheaper to stay healthy than it is to try to restore your health once you’ve gotten sick,” is one of the Murphy’s mottos. But they are never dogmatic. “We like to expose clients to a variety of different means to health and let each person find his or her own way,” says Barb. “And we offer not only innovative methods with exotic-sounding names but also more traditional ones like massage therapy and physical therapy too.”
“All in all, our aim is to help people improve their health and attitude,” says Kent. “We want to show people how they can invite the positive into their lives and then pass it on to other people as well. Besides our treatment rooms, we also have a conference room for meetings and educational seminars. Education about wellness is our passion.”

Bearing the gift of health comes naturally to Barb and Kent Murphy. That they have set up in their new Wellness Center at 3501 Fairfield in the former real estate office of the late Phil Steigerwald, old Wolf & Dessauer’s famed local Santa Claus, seems appropriate as well. Though the season for Santa is over, LightenUp Wellness Center’s message and mission will bring light and warmth to Fort Wayne at this cold, dark time of year. The center opens its doors for the first time on January 22.

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