Recently we’ve been getting computers with connectivity issues. If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet check and see if you are running multiple firewalls. Keep in mind this doesn’t apply to hardware firewalls such as routers. A hardware firewall and a software firewall combine for a very secure operating environment.

When Microsoft introduced SP2, they assumed everyone would want to run their firewall. And now many internet service providers, both national and local, are including firewalls, as part of their services. We find that many times our phone starts ringing soon after an automatic download from one of the well known ISP’s. Suddenly there is intermittent or total loss of connectivity. If we are lucky it’s just a matter of choosing which firewall to leave turned on, sometimes it’s beyond that, and we’re fighting a software conflict. We’ve gone on service calls, repaired the software issues, and left the owner with the ability to easily connect to the internet. Only to be called two days later, with the complaint of “I can’t get on the internet”. It turns out their ISP downloaded the “New and improved version, with even better protection”. And we have to start all over again.

If you’re the type that likes to be in control of the programs on your PC, this is an area you definitely need to stay on top of. Firewall and software conflicts can be a headache. Remember to set a restore point before you download or allow anyone to install software on your computer. And before you reach the point that you’re ready to buy a new unit, to get back on line, turn it over to a professional. We’ve probably seen that same issue several times, and it may be a quick fix when you know where to look.


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The Waynedale News Staff

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