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There has been a lot of discussion lately about illegal immigrants coming across the border. We are building a wall, but walls don’t usually work any better than locks. They become a nuisance for the people that have to maintain them. The solution seems simple to me. Just annex Mexico. After all, if the city of Fort Wayne can annex Aboite, the U.S. should be able to annex Mexico. If the Mexican government was doing a good job taking care of their people then they wouldn’t want to come up here. Since they have a failed government we may as well help them out.


Five reasons why we should annex Mexico:

5.We wouldn’t need to build that expensive wall.

4.We would increase the total area of the U.S. by a little more than 20%

3.We would have a lot less border to patrol down near Panama

2.It would make Texas the third largest state in the Union

And the Number 1 reason to annex Mexico…white Anglo-Saxon Protestants would be considered above average height.


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