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As I sat with my best friend Jenni Poffenberger at the end of our 2007 Spring Break she began to show me photos from her recent and very exciting Spring Break trip. These were not ordinary photos like pictures from a beach in Florida or the mountains in Colorado. These were modeling pictures of Jenni from her photo shoot with an award-winning photographer in Birmingham, Alabama. She continued to show me the photographs where she wore everything from her favorite dress to the bathing suit that she wears in the summer.

Then I realized Jenni was really going to be a model.

It’s not everyday that this happens to a local Waynedale girl. It was an amazing night having the conversation with Jenni about her experience with modeling and the photo shoot and she told me, “I always knew I wanted to be a model but I never could answer the question, why do I want to be a model? That day at the shoot I realized for the first time that I wanted to express myself with my body and not just my words. It was an amazing feeling and I realized, I have to do this, because there is no way I can live my life without doing it.”

I have known Jenni since the 7th grade ever since that moment I knew that Jenni had amazing talents and dreams. I also had this feeling inside telling me that one day she would accomplish those dreams and I just hoped that I could be there with her to see that great day.

The pursuit of Jenni’s modeling career began in the 8th grade when she told me, “I want to be a model” and I knew from that very point and time that she would, because when Jenni puts her mind to it, no one will stop her, and she will succeed. In our freshman year she started to have a passion for fashion and began trying new looks and new hairstyles. She also joined the dance team, and track team at Northrop H.S. and that is how she stayed physically fit. By her sophomore year, she was in hot pursuit of her modeling career. I knew this because every other word in her vocabulary had something to do with modeling and her new favorite show was “America’s Next Top Model”. As we sat there watching TV she would say, “That’s going be me” and I would always say “I know Jenni your beautiful.”

Jenni was always surfing the net for modeling sites and contacts and I would sit there next to her in the computer chair and watch the amazing glow that she had in her eyes when she saw those beautiful girls. I figured it would take a long time for anyone to contact her, but I knew in my heart that the gorgeous photos she submitted might bring a response.

I was not expecting to hear what I heard on the other end of the phone one day when Jenni called me. Jenni said, “Oh my gosh, a scout from a modeling agency just contacted me and he wants me to do photo shoot with him in the spring.”

As I stood in my room shocked at what my friend had just said, I said, “No way” and then I started jumping up and down with excitement. I knew Jenni was on a mission and I knew that I wanted to be there with her every step of the way.

Everyday she would have a little more excitement in her voice when she would talk about planning her trip.

On March 30, 2007 Jenni went to Tennessee to meet with a representative from “Eye Model”, then she was off to Alabama for her shoot. She called me towards the end of the week and said, “It was amazing, and they want me to pursue a contract in New York City.”

I was once again shocked. I thought this was just going to be a photo shoot for her to go and have some fun. Jenni is 5’10, slim, and was born to be a model. She is a 16-year-old sophomore at Northrop High School, just waiting to get the call that will change her life and fulfill her dream to be a model in New York City. She went to a Clothing Line Fashion shoot in Chicago the first weekend of June. Then she will also be going to New York City at the end of June for a four-day conference where she will be looking at many contracts and hopefully she will get to sign one. Everyone is very proud of her and we all love her very much. I can’t wait to hear about all her amazing adventures and experiences to come. But I know that no matter what, she will always be a Waynedale girl who has amazing talents and dreams.


Congratulations Jenni!

The Waynedale News Staff

Shantel N. Lahr

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