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Walt Pressler, former President of Portage Creek Camp Association (Chartered Organization for BSA Troop 44) and also Committee Chairman for that troop) has joined Troop 38 sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church, 6301 Winchester Road as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

Walt readily gave a definite, “Yes,” to Dan Hullinger, Calvary’s Chartered Organization Representative, when he was asked to help lead Troop 38.

Walt was a dedicated volunteer Scout leader at Troop 44 for over 25 years as a Committee Chairman, trained Assistant Scoutmaster, and Committee Member. His son Brian earned his Eagle rank while a member there.

From all the boys and leaders, “Thank you for your dedication and welcome aboard Mr. Pressler.”

Walt was recently recognized for his effort to keep Troop 44 afloat for this past 20 years by the presentation of a customized black steel skillet bearing a black & white antique Troop 44 sleeve patch attached to the inside with a leather thong through the handle to hang it in his den or office. On the back it reads: THANKS


FOR KEEPING THE TROOP COOKIN’. It was presented by Ray McCune, former Scoutmaster for Troop 44 and founder of Troop 38.

NOTE: In case you haven’t been following the news in Waynedale, Troop 44 went defunct when their Scout Cabin was purchased by the city and torn down to make way for the extension of Ardmore Avenue through to the airport. We were told that Troop 44 has been around and active for over 75 years. We understand that money from the sale of the Scout Cabin was donated to help with the expenses of running Camp Chief Little Turtle, Anthony Wayne Area Council’s Summer Camp near Pleasant Lake, Indiana, north of Fort Wayne.



This year’s winner of the Troop 38 ‘GOOD EGG’ BLACK SKILLET AWARD is Scoutmaster Jerry Lloyd for his dedication to great leadership and successfully bringing the troop through another week of Summer Camp at Camp Chief Little Turtle and winning the prestigious and coveted Commissioner’s Award for the best troop performance during that camp session. Thanks Mr. Lloyd.

This year’s winner of the ‘SPECIAL KAMPFIRE KOOKIN’ BLACK SKILLET AWARD went to Assistant Scoutmaster Jim Fox for his dedication to the troop and without whose strict detail to records keeping and treasurer’s work the troop couldn’t exist and function properly. Thanks Mr. Fox.

NOTE: Troop 38 is one of the few troops in the area that presents each boy with his own Camp Fund (Bank) Account and keeps a strict account of each boy’s money and can let the parents know in an instant how much money is in their son’s account earned from car washes, popcorn sales, aluminum can collections, and other troop money earning projects. The money is to be used strictly for the costs of campouts, uniform parts, personal equipment, and summer camp expenses. Parents are kept up to date on what their son has in his account. Each account belongs to the individual boy and can be transferred to the boy’s new troop if the family moves out of the area.

This year’s winner of TROOP 38’s ‘BEST EATER AT SUMMER CAMP’ AWARD was given to Scout Jameson Bush. Jameson was given a large green graniteware spoon with two eggs painted in the bowl to hang on his wall as an award for his effort to make food disappear at summer camp. Before receiving the award, Jameson said, “There’s nothing that I don’t like.” Your efforts should be an inspiration to the other boys, Jameson. Thank you.

All awards were presented by Ray McCune, KAMPFIRE KOOKIN’ outdoor food columnist for MidWest Outdoors Magazine



•TROOP 38, sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church, 6301 Winchester Road, along with the adult leaders, will be helping at Johnny Appleseed Festival again this year. They will be baking cornbread using the traditional Dutch oven method. You’ll find them baking at the Old Settlers area where you’ll find other foods available like Corn Chowder, Beef Stew, and Ham/Beans along with Jim Fox’s Famous Cornbread. Stop by and help support the troop – this is one of their ‘main’ money making projects for the year – others include selling popcorn and holding car washes at PHP headquarters located near Fort Wayne International Airport (Baer Field).

•TROOP 38 will be selling popcorn starting September 25th – anyone wanting popcorn should call Scoutmaster Jerry Lloyd at 436-6376 or come to the troop’s weekly meeting on Tuesday nights from 7pm-8:30pm.

•TROOP 38 meetings are held every Tuesday night from 7pm to 8:30pm. A rule of thumb is: With the exception of summer vacation, if there is no school (in the Fort Wayne Community School system) that day there won’t be a scout meeting. Boys age 11 to 18 years of age are invited to come and participate in learning outdoor and leadership skills. We also have one of the best Outdoor Cooking instructors and Knot Tying experts around.

•CUB SCOUT PACK 3322, also sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church, is back in session and holding their meetings at the church every Tuesday night from 6:30pm to 8pm. Boys ages 8 to 10 1/2 are invited to come and join in the fun.

•CUB SCOUT PACK 3322 AND BOY SCOUT TROOP 38 were recently presented with four (3-man) Coleman canoes (along with paddles) and a custom-made canoe trailer to haul everything with. “A canoe trip is definitely in the planning for the near future,” according to Scoutmaster Jerry Lloyd.

•FALL CAMPOREE – The Miami District Fall Camporee will be held at Roush Lake (Huntington Reservoir) on September 29th, 30th, and October 1st. The theme this year is SHOOTING with instruction, and target practice to be held at the new shooting facility – located at the old shooting range. Camping will be in the beach area on the south side of the reservoir off Route 5.

•NEEDED – We need input from your Troop or Pack. What are you doing?


Who has advanced in rank? Are you having a fundraiser? Do you have any new leaders or boys joining? Where do you meet? When? Who are your leaders? Contact Ray McCune at:

KAMPFIREKOOKIN@AOL.COM or send your information by letter to me at P.O. Box 9793, Fort Wayne, IN 46899-9793.

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Ray McCune

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