When the leaves begin to rustle and there is a slight chill in the late summer breeze, our thoughts turn, once again, to the old pigskin. We’ve waited all summer for this night! Our excitement builds as we head out to the tailgating party. As we approach, the scent of hot dogs on the grill, permeate our noses, through the crisp air and our mouths begin to water. We catch a glimpse of our friends anxiously awaiting our arrival and our spirits begin to escalate.

Hurriedly, we eat, and find the perfect seat. We snuggle next to our partners, deep, under the warmth of our stadium blanket, proudly displaying our team colors.

The cheerleaders and the rebel rousers get the crowd on their feet in wild anticipation. The enthusiasm is deafening as the players rush onto the field. Soon, the coin toss, the kick-off, and the return, our game is under way! We cheer, we groan, we delight as the football sails through the air. The touchdowns, the field goals, the penalty flags and the crashing of helmets and massive shoulder pads keep us energized.

Our gloved hands try to keep warm, clutching styrofoam cups of hot chocolate. Little wisps of air are visible as we cheer our team to victory. The final whistle is shrill when it signals the end of the game.

Victory or loss isn’t important as we head out. Traffic tie-ups don’t bother us, as we are not in a hurry to leave the parking lot where we just witnessed the best game ever… until next week!

The Waynedale News Staff

Megan Elkins

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