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Azar’s Big Boy restaurant, located on Bluffton Road, opened on March 16, 1964. Since that date, the face of Azar’s has continuously changed to meet the needs of its customers. Consumer consciousness has shown through once again in its newly added drive-thru window.

Originally located behind the existing structure as an “L” shaped building, Azar’s sat 68 persons inside and provided curb–side service for about 50 vehicles. In July of 1985, the existing structure was built to eliminate the curb–side service and expand the indoor seating to over 180.

The interior re-modeling was completed sometime in April 2000, transforming this “coffee shop” style restaurant into a “family style” restaurant. This was achieved by eliminating the majority of booth seats, creating more seating space, and concentrating on full service. The interior was once again enhanced in 2005 to provide a more warm and inviting atmosphere.

In conjunction with the pattern of change, a drive-thru window has been added to address the needs of the public. Whether it be biscuits and gravy, or a “Big Boy” sandwich, Azar’s Big Boy is more convenient than ever.

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