City Council is currently actively involved in redistricting the 6 City Council districts in Fort Wayne. I’m still actively lobbying for 2 additional districts (total of 8) but a small group of Council members has blocked this measure designed to bring local government closer to the citizens. As a result, when redistricting is complete Fort Wayne will have 6 districts with over 40,000 citizens in each district. These council districts will be larger than the city of Bloomington and also the largest council districts in the state. There’s still time for you to contact Council members Crawford, Didier, and Schmidt and ask them to support the other 6 Councilmen in our effort to add two additional Council districts and 2 additional Council members. If you contact City Council Research Assistant Molly McCray at 427-1445 she’ll tell you how you can contact these Councilmen and offer your input!

A new sign ordinance will be introduced at a City Council meeting in March of this year. The new ordinance was written to fill a couple of “gaps” in the old ordinance including a provision to deal with new mechanical or “LCD” signs which are more and more common. Only rarely do I receive calls about signs in our community. Let me know if you think we have a major problem with signage in the Fort Wayne area.

I want you to know that yours truly and every other member of City Council are continually aware of the loss of quality jobs in our area during the last few years. We’re working hard with the Economic Development Alliance to bring good jobs to the Fort Wayne area. Many new businesses have come to the area during the last few years but the media seems only to emphasize when jobs are lost. We all need to support teachers and school administrators in any way we can since getting a solid education is the basis for having a good job.

Congratulations to Geoff Paddock and his staff for a great winter skating season at Headwaters Park. Now we can look forward to spring and summer events at Headwaters!

Give me a call with any problems or constructive suggestions for our city.

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