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The Miami District of the Anthony Wayne Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, held their annual Cub Scout Day Camp the third week of June at the Southwest Conservation Club. It was a great day camp with lots of fun for the Scouts attending and with no injuries at all. The Staff deserves recognition for passing the camp inspection and once again being designated as a Quality Day Camp for yet another year. Way to go Staff! There were about 150 Scouts at Camp and about half of that number of adults were needed‑to staff the camp, and, keep things running safely and smoothly.

The Scouts were quite busy in many directions as they made bird feeders, wind chimes, and boomerangs in woodworking. In Scoutcraft the boys made buddy burners and fire starters for their next camp out. The shooting sports were up and running and were as popular as ever. Slingshots, bow and arrows, and air rifles were a big hit. This year we need to extend our appreciation to thank Specialist Gustsson from the local Army National Guard for volunteering to help the Scouts with range safety and air rifle instruction. It’s hard to find any better help with the firing range.

Friday afternoon included an ice cream social to cool off a lot of hot Scouts. And by mixing the warm June weather with ice cream it was great timing to have the tremendous firefighters from Station #4 stop by with their big red fire truck and hoses to both cool down and clean up some well used Cub Scouts. Although from a visitors view it was hard to tell if the firefighters or the Scouts were having the most fun. Their visit had all of the earmarks of the ultimate water fight!‑Thanks for the timely help Station #4 – it went over very well with everyone and was very well received.

Friday evening found the older Webelos Scouts preparing for their overnighter. The Scouts had their tents pitched in good order and they also picked up some practical training to help prepare them for next year when they will be doing more of everything Scout-related, with whatever Unit they choose to join as Boy Scouts. They will even have the opportunity to camp for the whole week at Camp Chief Little Turtle – and they will all have many more‑things to look forward to as they continue their advancements in Scouting.

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Gary McOmber

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