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Yes, it is your old friend “Yankee.” This is a letter of goodbye and thank you to all my relatives, friends, supporters and acquaintances over the years.

As you have probably guessed by now, I have passed on.

I so much wanted you all to know how much I appreciated your love and kindness and support these past four years since my uprooting from my caretakers home in Waynedale. There were many of you that had always kept me in remembrance and continued to ask about me, and also brought me carrots & apples when visiting. Those were a real treat.

Also thank you, Sybil, for offering a home and eventually becoming family. I do hope you know I did much appreciate it even though our decision was to move to Susan’s.

Susan, Allen, Matthew and Marcus. Thank you for a peaceful home these last four years; and the times you cared for me when the weather was bad or when my caretakers were unable to make it out. It was always nice to have groceries. Also, since Becky brought me home to care for me she always made sure I was comfortable with an extra large stall and free rooming. You allowed me that for my last few years.

As for all of you, thank you again for all your support. My caretakers Becky and Don Ilo will miss me terribly, I’m sure. They always did the very best for me. A horse could not have been treated better. I will miss them too.

PS…I would also like all of you to know, that your love, kindness, thoughts and concerns for my wellbeing was much appreciated and a blessing.

Please always remember your friend “Yankee”. I was as good a horse as I could be.

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