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I hear far too often that the United States has the highest divorce rate in the world. For some reason, people really like to spout off that statistic, but none of the divorced couples that contribute to that stat have quite as complicated marital problems as John and Jane Smith (there names being the first malady).

The plot to the action/romance/comedy Mr. and Mrs. Smith is simple. A husband and wife are both professional assassins who have no idea that they both are professional assassins. John (Brad Pitt) thinks Jane (Angelina Jolie) works in computers and Jane thinks John works in construction. Then, they are assigned to the same job. They work for competing firms and when their bosses find out that there was another assassin on the job, they give John and Jane each 48 hours to kill their spouse or be killed. From that point on it’s a race to see who can kill the other first, while neither of them really wants the other dead. And somehow amidst all this violence, they are able to work out some marriage problems too.

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about Brangelina—the supposed relationship between Pitt and Jolie after (or possibly during) Brad’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston. Personally, I thought there was something a little off about the chemistry between Brad and Angelina. Maybe it was good acting. They were supposed to play a married couple with issues, but I don’t think that is the case.

Gossip aside, the performances in this movie are good. Angelina Jolie is awesome at the whole action genre. This movie might as well be Tomb Raider 3, because she shows Brad Pitt up throughout the whole movie. Brad Pitt, meanwhile, is very funny along with Vince Vaughn as his best friend.

The action—guns, explosions, and fist fights—was what I consider good. Although it was fairly constant, it wasn’t mindless. There was a reason why people were shooting or blowing things up and there was even some humor mixed in as Mr. and Mrs. Smith played cat and mouse with one another.

The fatal flaw of this movie is the screenplay. The movie loses focus at the end. I checked my watch three times thinking that the movie surely should have been over by then. It starts to drag in the last half an hour and the ending comes off too cheesy for taking that long. Had Mr. and Mrs. Smith been a half and hour to forty-five minutes shorter it probably would have been rated a four, but because it loses the audience toward the end I rate it a three.

The Waynedale News Staff

Kasey Butcher

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