Roland Lawrence LaPrise passed over at 1:01am, Friday, April 1, 2005. He was the originator of the well-known song, “The Hokey Pokey.” He created many stories and songs throughout his illustrious career, but is best known for his creation of the Hokey Pokey song, which he wrote in 1949.

Burial was initially planned at Acuff-Rose Memorial Gardens but complications prevented that from happening. When the funeral director attempted to close the casket, he put Mr. LaPrise’s right hand in and reached for the lid but to the funeral director’s surprise Mr. LaPrise put his right hand out. The director then put Mr. LaPrise’s left hand in, but Mr. LaPrise put his left hand out!

Changes were immediately made in the burial plans. Mr. LaPrise was taken to a Mausoleum, which was located, just two blocks away from his proposed burial site. The director, along with the help of some of the local onlookers, attempted to put Mr. LaPrise in the Mausoleum but again encountered problems. They put his left leg in—-he put his left leg out. They put his right leg in—-he put his right leg out. They put his whole body in—-he put his whole body out.

Frustrated with the whole affair, the funeral directors gave up and went home. Local towns people have lately reported a mysterious fellow dancing through the cemetery doing the well known—-Hooooookey Pooooookey!

No internment location as of late.

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