Verizon’s broadband investment commitment to build a fiber optic network in Fort Wayne is the most significant economic development initiative in years. The numbers related to the build out are staggering. Verizon will spend $65 million and hire 900 new workers in Fort Wayne in the next two years. This network will make Fort Wayne one of the most desirable cities for broadband for business and residents.

Fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) will give Fort Wayne a significant competitive advantage over other Great Lakes cities that do not have this technology. It will provide the infrastructure for businesses to grow and the capability for them to expand through an unlimited bandwidth that is as much as 20 times faster than today’s fastest data connections.

Fort Wayne will be the only large city in the region that can offer this superior business communications tool. The service has unmatched reliability, incredible speed, and limitless potential for voice, data, and video connections. The economic development stimulus that results from this project will be substantial.

This network will solidify Fort Wayne’s reputation as a city of innovation. Broadband internet is critical to a city’s growth and development just as railroads were in the 1800s and interstate highways were in the 1950s. FTTP provides a blank canvas for technology innovators in a changing economy.

FTTP will make Fort Wayne a leader in the use of information technology. Imagine the possibilities. City managers will be able to digitally synchronize traffic signals using real time technology. Public safety may be enhanced by more sophisticated home protection systems. The medical community will be transformed as doctors, hospitals and homebound patients communicate face to face on-line. Schools will be able to share materials with other learning institutions at lightening fast speeds.

Verizon’s investment in our city will have an immediate economic impact. This is a new opportunity for small business growth, entrepreneurial innovation, and job creation. Let’s seize this opportunity to create many new services and new jobs.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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