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Frustrated Contractor is
“Giving Away” $1,900
Furnaces for $541 with
Off-Season Central Air…

(This is great financial news if your furnace is over 8 years old)


Dear Friend,

Yes, it’s absolutely true. You can actually replace your old (and probably very inefficient) furnace and air conditioner as a package for at least $1,900 less than you would have to pay at any other time.

Let me explain.

Every year, the months of January, February, and March can “Kill” my business. I end up losing a ton of money during these “Killer” months and it can take me the remaining nine months to make up for them. And I’m looking for the same thing to happen this year.


My Problem Is Your Opportunity

I’ve decided to give up trying to make a profit during the “killer” months. If I can only minimize my losses during January, February, and March, I will come out ahead of the other nine months.

Here’s how this (admittedly daring) offer came about.

Every year, the big manufacturers of air conditioners have to guess how many to build to meet the demand. Of course, they’re never exactly right. So, they always have some inventory they must hold over until the next summer season. I went to one of these companies and contracted for the purchase of 126 premium air conditioners and furnaces in the four most popular sizes used in Fort Wayne. And, because of the quantity and time of year, I was able to buy them at drastically reduced, dirt cheap, out-of-season prices.

They are brand new 2004 models. And they are NOT the seconds or “blems” or standard “builder” models. They are factory-fresh, premium air conditioners and furnaces and have a full factory warranty.


Here’s How You Can Get A Furnace For Peanuts

By putting this furnace and air conditioner package together (then “Jaw-Boning” the factory) and committing to a do-or-die purchase agreement of 126 systems, I was able to buy both the furnace and the air conditioner for less than anyone should have a right to pay!

So, if you buy one of these normal 126 new, premium air conditioners (but only if one of the four sizes I have will fit your house, of course), I am “giving” you the furnace and all I ask for is the $541 in labor it costs to have your furnace installed.


Here’s How

Just call me at 478-1547 anytime. I will come out and measure your home (and determine the availability of the proper size). Don’t forget, I only have 126 matched systems in four sizes.

When they are gone, this remarkable offer ends also.

I will show you the real world price on the air conditioner that fits your home. Then, I will show you the substantial savings now. And it will include all labor and installation materials.

Nothing is left out.


The Concept Is Simple Really

By letting you win big now, I will win at the end of the year.

I’m betting that if I make you an offer that is “irresistible” (at least it should be if your furnace or air conditioner is over 8 years old) and I barely mark it up above the price I paid, I will accomplish two things:

I will cover my rent, utilities, insurance and taxes in the “killer” months.

I can pay my professional staff of technicians to work instead of paying them to sit at home.

If I can accomplish these two objectives, I will minimize my losses and the rest of the year, I can be a winner.


Why This Offer Can’t Last

You must act before March 15th. Here are two reasons why.

1. I can only have 31 of each of the four sizes. When all of the air conditioners are sold and all the furnaces are “given” away in a particular size, that’s it. There are no more at this price.

2. If I have any of the 126 systems left on March 15th (although I doubt I will), this offer still ends.


Here’s why.

The only reason I am making this virtually no-profit (for me) offer is because of the “killer” months. My business always starts to improve in April and because the furnaces cost me so little, I can sell them at 2005 prices next November and December and still come out ahead.

Give me a call now at 478-1547 and I will set an appointment for your no-obligation survey.

Thank you for reading this rather long letter. I hope you will profit greatly because of it.


Ron Dantzer

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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