This is the final segment of, “The Boy Who Invented Television;” because it has become a story without an ending. I wanted to end this story when Steve Blaising turned out the lights and locked the door on the Farnsworth-ITT fusion lab, but it didn’t end there; it split and went in two different directions. Farnsworth moved from Fort Wayne, IN to Salt Lake City, Utah and the young PhD loaded Farnsworth’s last fuser into his automobile and drove from Fort Wayne to Washington, DC where he went to work for the AEC (Atomic Energy Commission), as the head of fusion research in North America. I do not know what happened in Utah or in Washington DC, but I can tell you the original Farnsworth experiment is being started again except this time with private funding. Perhaps The Waynedale News can share this story with you as it unfolds?

Theories are a dime a dozen about what ended the original fusion experiment. One theory said, “The talking suits at ITT’s Nutly, NJ headquarters and its board of directors were idiots!” Another said, “In all fairness to ITT’s directors, they never intended to get involved in nuclear research and warned Farnsworth several times to show them how they could make a profit on their investment (less than ten million), or they would end it!” Another anonymous witness said Farnsworth kept his part of the bargain and that he (Farnsworth), achieved every promised objective, but ITT kept raising the bar on their original agreement? The last witness said, “Farnsworth proved his concept as per their agreement and although ITT promised to build him a new facility in a less populated area; ITT obviously reneged.”

This story reminded me of mankind’s first flight at the beginning of last century. The government’s heavily funded project ran by a PhD produced nothing but failure while two bicycle mechanics from Dayton, OH, achieved first flight at Kitty Hawk, NC and on a shoestring budget. The main difference between then and now is that the corporations making buggies and whips didn’t have enough money and power to buy off both sides of the isle in congress and stop the Wright Brothers from building an airplane. Today oil interests and a few other huge corporations have gained absolute control of new technology and they can protect their profits from it by claiming them to be a matter of national security? Besides holding 200 US and international patents, and inventing electro-static fusion technology, Farnsworth also advanced fiber optic technology more than a hundred times faster than conventional copper DSL cables but special interests have made it a matter of national security that American households can’t have it under the guise that terrorists and pornographers might use it. Americans are also being forced to use phone lines, Comcast copper cables, and ITT switching stations, so our government can continue to monitor our telephone and internet traffic and add 17 layers of taxes onto our long distance phone calls. Sweden, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other countries have fiber optic technology and they’re flying airplanes while Americans are driving buggies. Americans waste millions of hours per day waiting on our computer communications to crawl through copper cables while much of the world is operating at the speed of light. Furthermore, the Chinese now have a working model of Farnsworth’s fusion device and while one source said, “We’ll know if they (Chinese) get it working because they’ll stop building hydro-electric plants.” I imagined a more cynical scenario. I imagined the Chinese placing several geo-stationary satellites over North America with fusion powered laser weapons and then phoning our White House to say, “Checkmate you Yankee Dogs.” THE END!

The Waynedale News Staff


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