More than 100 volunteers gathered Saturday, November 6, in four of Fort Wayne’s parks to plant 136 trees and 600 lilac bushes. This event was called the Great Tree Canopy Comeback and was sponsored by Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation and Friends of the Parks.

The selected locations for the parks included Reservoir, Memorial, Rockhill and Foster Parks. Foster received 10 varieties of lilac’s (600 bushes), to replace older bushes that were removed earlier this month.

The Great Tree Canopy Comeback, now in its third year, began as a result of the culture landscape planning process for Swinney, Memorial and Lakeside Parks. Through this study, city officials learned that Fort Wayne’s tree canopy had been depleted by half over the last 50 years. In response to the report, a public and private partnership between the Parks and Recreation and the Friends of the Park began, with volunteer Will Clark leading the effort.

“The Friends enthusiasm and willingness to raise funds for this event are greatly appreciated,” said Diane Hoover, director. “The volunteers who plant trees are contributing to the beauty and future of our parks.”

The Friends of the Parks raised more than $13,000 to make this possible. Sponsors for this year’s event include: St. Joseph Hospital, The Journal-Gazette Foundation, Councilman Tim Pape, Canterbury School, National City Bank and WMEE 97.3fm.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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