We ended last week’s segment with…Steve Blaising was the last man to turn out the lights and lock the door of the Farnsworth-ITT fusion lab, but not before one more astonishing thing happened…According to an anonymous source: P.T. Farnsworth was on administrative sick leave, George Bain, Robert Hirsch, Gene Meeks and Jack Fisher, were doing a test run on Farnsworth’s latest fusion tube. The late Jack Fisher rushed into the cave lab, white as a ghost and his radiation badge was exposed. Jack said, “You won’t believe what happened. We were running the fusor and when George tried to shut it down, all the meters went off scale and stayed there until George panicked and opened the dive valve.” The pit lab was immediately locked down and nobody was allowed back inside until radiation levels subsided, but when our source finally got in he discovered all recorded data had gone missing. Our source questioned George and Robert about the missing data and they said, “It (data) was probably destroyed because of a fear the board of directors would stop funding if they knew how close they came to a nuclear accident.” With the data missing and the fusor cut open, nobody can know exactly what happened, who removed, or destroyed the data, or why the fusor was opened without further testing?

The above story gives credence to another anonymous source who said, “A point was reached in the Fort Wayne Fusion Lab when Phil gave up on his crew, and used them for construction and fabrication of new apparatus only (for which they were invaluable) and he worked only inside his head. Any notes he did make, however terse, stayed in his brief case, which stayed with him. Some of this was because of a deteriorating political climate at ITT and some was from growing tired of having to explain to them (company officials) what was important in what they were seeing, and where the unknown was located.

Mention was made of events where power was removed from the fusor, but the neutron counters kept on counting and gradually died out rather suddenly, which more closely follows the flow of power. A lot of things could cause this, but I’m unable to explain it. I heard this from a couple of lab guys, from Pem (Farnsworth’s wife) and once from Phil. I still prefer not to try and explain what was at work there. Interesting though…many rumors circulated especially among people who were on the outside edge of the experiment…I saw opportunities for politics to screw things up, but I cannot get a level read from those who were there. I know the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) was privy to a lot of that project, certainly everything they wanted to know, but Phil’s head was not opened up for inspection and he did not play games of any sort. We tend to deify government agencies like the AEC (renamed Nuclear Regulatory Commission or NRC), but really they are not a gathering place for mental horsepower. If they can’t meddle they can’t justify their existence. I suspect the ITT suits at Nutley were trying to pluck profits from the air. Fire the wizard (P.T. Farnsworth) in Fort Wayne, and let the young PhD take the project from there. If that was not their wish they got it anyway. We can all thank the young PhD who left Farnsworth-ITT and went to work for the AEC for 39 years of TOCOMAC research that cost taxpayers 2 million dollars per day. TOCOMAC certainly was a boon for the power companies near Princeton and MIT, but neither them nor any of the other government sponsored fusion experiments ever came close to the results achieved by Farnsworth’s simple and inexpensive electro static-inertial containment, fusion device.”

The Waynedale News Staff


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