As you know, Veterans’ Day was Thursday, November 11. I was very impressed by the respect shown our vets by local print media as well as Fort Wayne’s TV stations. There were special TV programs and newspaper supplements and other local events such as the Veterans’ Stand-down event at the Wayne Township Trustee’s office on October 29. All of these events demonstrated the respect that we all have for our veterans as well as those on active military duty.

There’s a strange disconnect between all of the recent pro-veteran activities both locally and nationally and the way our vets are being treated by the Veterans’ Administration. In an effort to save money regardless of the consequences the VA has stated its determination to close the 26 inpatient beds at the Fort Wayne VA Hospital that serves well over 100,000 veterans in NE Indiana, NW Ohio, and Southern Michigan. No reasonable alternative arrangements have been made for the care of sick vets who will now be forced to travel to Indianapolis for inpatient care. I should add the good news that the VA is doing a fine job expanding outpatient services. Hopefully groups such as the newly formed Veterans for Better Health Care and public pressure will convince the VA and our national elected officials to support our veterans and keep the VA Hospital inpatient beds open!

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) task force is in the final phase of its review of countywide emergency services. The goal of this group appointed by Mayor Graham Richard is to maintain high quality emergency medical care while achieving better control of costs that are increasing steadily as 3rd party reimbursement simultaneously decreases. The task force, which held a public hearing and took testimony from many different groups, will likely issue its report within a few weeks.

Congratulations to State Senator Dave Long (previous 4th District City Councilman) on his recent appointment to an important Republican Party role in the senate. Condolences are also in order to the family of the late Don Brogan who served for several years as Chairman of the Allen County Democratic Party.

Our public safety personnel including police, firefighters, EMS personnel, and homeland security officials are doing a great job and are always well deserving of another pat on the back. With that thought in mind I should mention that the Fort Wayne Police Department is well aware of some recent vandalism in the Indian Village area and has taken preventative measures. Be sure to let me know if there are any ongoing problems in that neighborhood!

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!! Be sure to call or email me with constructive suggestions or if I can help out with any problems. Thanks!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District 432-8418

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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