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LUKENS CAMP RESORT A HIT! Above Joe Shepard prepares a stew for their noon meal.
LUKENS CAMP RESORT A HIT! Above Joe Shepard prepares a stew for their noon meal.
Boy Scout Troop #22, chartered by the Southwest Conservation Club, chose a great weekend for a camp out. The Unit planned this outing for the weekend of September 11, and they chose well. Seven Scouts and Scouters left the Conservation Club on Friday evening with a destination of Lukens Camp Resort in Roann, Indiana. The Troop arrived on Friday evening and immediately got squared away for the weekend. Tents and dining flys went up and the campfire area was made ready for some action.

After a sound nights sleep it was time for that action. A quick breakfast and then ready for the fishing hole. Todd Cooley caught the most fish, but all of the Scouts helped fill a bucket up with good bluegill. After working up an appetite with their fishing poles the Scouts returned to camp for some lunch. Scoutmaster Troy Schlie, along with Assistants Jack Shepard and Jay Hughes, really treat these Scouts well. Troy had homemade noodles and venison stew over the campfire for lunch. The pot was cleaned out so well that dishes were easy to do.

After that hearty lunch the Scouts talked Jack and Jay into opening the waterfront for them. They swam and engaged in various waterfront activities while they worked up another appetite. That afternoon worked out well as the Unit returned to prepare dinner. Dutch oven cooked lasagna and sweet corn cooked in the husk turned out to be superb. It was a successful Unit effort.

Later on around the campfire Assistant Jack Shepard told ghost stories to‑Scouts Jeremy Terry, James Terry, Joe Shepard, and Todd Cooley. The Scouts and adults then headed for their tents and sleeping bags. It was great camping weather with good sleeping temperatures and warm days.

Scoutmaster Troy and Unit Mascot Molly the St. Bernard treated the Scouts to eggs and toast Sunday morning before the Troop broke camp. The owner of Lukens Camp Resort, C. J., stopped to speak with the Unit. Troop #22 found out that they had been the first Boy Scout Unit to camp at Lukens Camp Resort. Since the Boy Scouts did not want to come home, and because the Scouts definitely want to go back, C.J. will most likely host Troop #22 again.

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