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Dear Waynedale Friends,

I am in northern Indiana where we are building a lake house as I’ve mentioned. This is the first time we have ever built a house from the foundation up. It has been an experience, especially since we live in Louisville, which is five hours away. My husband, Spike worked all winter, keeping the heat at about 40 degrees, since the insulation was not yet in. He said he would just be heating the outside. Well, we now have the insulation in, and the outside of the house is pretty much done. We are working on completing the inside, and I am the chief painter!‑ I’m almost finished.‑We had a target date of late spring on being finished, but as they say, the best laid plans… It is pretty neat watching the place take form.‑The upstairs will be carpeted tomorrow. That will help. I never would have guessed what a mess drywall dust is!‑ Building a house has been an experience.‑ We hope to have it done by next summer so that the grandchildren can come up and stay. They missed the whole summer this year, because we were so torn up, and now are back in school. Several people from Fort Wayne are lending their expertise to the project. Dan Stark is doing the concrete work, Clay Stark is doing the landscaping, and Russ Southwood did all the gutter work. It pays to get the very best, so we went for, and got, the best. If any of you are thinking of having work done on your houses or lawns, you can’t get any better workmanship, creativity, or dependability. ‑

Everyday, whilst I was here, I was‑thinking of‑getting away to “Mom’s” Restaurant in LaGrange, which Emily’s aunt and uncle own. The report I had last gotten was that Emily was still in a coma at home, but the tracheostomy tube was out. She was carried outside, and they put her feet in the water. She kicked her feet back and forth, and she shuffled her feet when they were put in sand. Her pupils were responding and everything was taken as a hopeful sign. I was saddened to hear, yesterday, that Emily has not progressed in the last couple of weeks, and has been at a plateau. Her aunt passed along the quilt I made her, and I like to think of her with the quilt over her, and hoping that the healing I wish for her, will warm her.

I am so grateful to all of you who have sent money to the fund that was opened in her name. I believe that my readers are just the best and, of course, they have come to the aid of Emily’s parents. So many expenses become heavy upon a family with a child who does not recover‑for a long period of time. I keep thinking of Emily’s mother saying, “she WILL get well” and, “she WILL wake up.”‑ We all fervently hope along with her that Emily will reenter her life as it was before the accident.

Please remember her in your prayers, and I will continue to give you updates about her. You are all just the best!



The Waynedale News Staff
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