The essential function of the Wayne Township Trustee’s office is to provide emergency assistance for those in need. Networking with other agencies and sharing program information greatly expands opportunities for these citizens and helps to maximize community resources. Indiana’s “Hoosier Rx” is financed by Tobacco Settlement funds and covers most prescription drugs as well as insulin.

Eligibility requires that you be 65 or older and not have any prescription drug coverage through an insurance plan, Medicaid, or Medicaid with a spend-down.


The monthly income guidelines for Hoosier Rx are:

• Single person – $1,011 or less

• Married couple – $1,364 or less


Hoosier Rx changed its program benefit structure on June 1, 2004. It may be possible that you are applying on an application that includes the old structure. If you are eligible for Hoosier Rx, your benefit would be:

• You pay 25% of the cost of your prescriptions. Hoosier Rx would pay 75%

• You could receive up to $1,200 in benefits based on the time you apply


In May of 2004, senior citizens began using the Medicare drug discount cards. You can have a Medicare – Approved Drug Discount Card and still qualify for Hoosier Rx. The Medicare program got off to a slow start, but looks promising and may have a big impact on health care policy. We are currently working to organize a sign-up event for the new Medicare card. This event would also include: the Pfizer Share Card, the Lilly Answer Card, the Together Rx Card, and the Hoosier Rx Card. We have heard many heart-warming stories resulting from these events by senior citizens who could not afford to pay the high cost of prescription drugs. These programs require little or no administrative cost by the Township, and therefore, save the tax resources of Wayne Township citizens.

Many of the senior citizens in our area would not be able to purchase their monthly maintenance drugs without some form of assistance. Wayne Township not only purchases medication for those who meet the requirements, but it is also our legal obligation to direct clients to other resources if they qualify. Outreach efforts like these can improve the quality of life for some of the most vulnerable members within our community. Referring community members to the Hoosier RX and Medicare programs are just another avenue for the Wayne Township Trustee’s Office to provide necessities to those in need and still remain a good steward of your tax dollar. When details of the next sign-up event are finalized, they will be posted on the Wayne Township and also through The Waynedale News and other local media outlets.

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