I hope your lessons are going well. Be sure to keep your lessons five to ten minutes when it is so hot. If you have a long hair breed such as a Golden Retriever, try to work in the morning when it is cooler.

Your dog should be getting the idea that you are in charge of walking. You should be able to walk fast, slow, or stop without having your arm pulled from its socket. If your dog seems to understand sit and heel go on. If he doesn’t, keep working on those two things until he does. Remember, if he starts to pull, turn immediately and walk in the opposite direction. Let him punish himself for not paying attention to you. Your leash should make the letter “J” when you are walking. Your slip collar should look like the letter “P” as you face your dog.

Next Lesson: Sit/Stay. Say your dog’s name and say sit. If he sits, praise him. If he doesn’t sit, place him in a sitting position. When you have your dog sit make sure he is sitting squarely. Don’t let him slouch to one side. I know this takes more time, but dogs tend to lie down or get up if they are slouching.

When your dog is sitting squarely, say the dogs name and then a firm “stay”. I also use a hand signal at the same time. I sweep my hand toward the dogs face, but not touching him. Just show him the palm of your hand. Step directly in front of the dog. Wait a couple minutes and then step back. If your dog moves or slouches put him back in position and say stay. Praise him for staying. Gradually, as your dog learns to stay, back up a foot or so at a time until you are at least six feet away and your dog can stay for at least a couple of minutes without moving.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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