While kayaking at Chain O’ Lakes State Park in northern Indiana, I followed a butterfly as she led the way through the channels. Then suddenly, she landed on the water, and with the weight of the water on her tiny wings, she was not able to lift herself up to fly. She called to my spirit for help.

Paddling over to her, I scooped her up in the palm of my hand and brought her into the kayak with me. She perched on a life vest, and I paddled out of the channel into the sunshine. Then she started to unfold her wings to catch the rays of the sun. They were almost completely dry when she began to speak to me:

“Thank you for helping me. I knew you would. I was waiting to tell you something as you followed me through the channel where there was no sunlight shining through. When in the dark channels of life, keep paddling, and you will eventually see the sunshine peaking through.” Her wings were dry now, and they were flapping, ready for take-off. I said, “Wait! Please don’t go yet. Who are you?”

As she lifted off from the life vest, she called back and said, “I’m your Guiding Angel, and I will scoop you out of the darkness so we can travel life’s channels in Love and Light. Start paddling!”


Rev. Tom Dancing Feather Ebbing

The Waynedale News Staff
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Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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