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A Tribute To Wordsmiths ~ Letter To The Editor

Being eloquent in speech and having “magical fingers” when it comes to words, as I like to say, is more than a gift. It’s one of the most powerful tools you can use to reach a wide audience and get your message out, whatever it may be.

Think about it: everything is in words – instructions, stories, and everything in between (some road signs and fishing line packages). The importance of a writer is this: we are the people who spread the message, alter the speeches, and fall in love with the poets. In other words, we are one of the most important ways to transfer information from point A to point B (the media, websites, and/or blogs being prime examples). We are the people who correct our errors because we have the undying need to be perfectionists; you would be surprised how much this rubs off on people, who then become, also, more eloquent. And finally, we are a worldwide community of people who connect through a common passion, whether we love or hate it; we lift each other onto podiums and are one of the most honest groups you will ever find.

What is the author’s purpose of this article? In my mind, I am spreading awareness for a lost art, and making sure it doesn’t get lost before it’s my time to shine – paperback books (which are the love of my life) are going out of style, newspapers and magazines seem to appeal more to an older population (take no offense, Young Readers), and most things are completely limited to the technology that is worshiped and glorified.

The sweet scent of a fresh book, to the author, is years, maybe even a decade, of tears – salty, beyond passionate tears. Those characters are versions of the authors’ selves, and they live, love, eat, sleep, and breathe in their shoes; they more than likely live in, and get lost in, their stories, too.

The reason I can fairly write about this is because I am, too, a young author with a pension for grammar and everything English. This is an appreciation post for all the young writers, story tellers, and artists out there – you are loved, and I thank you for your dedication.

The Waynedale News Staff

Emma Miller, 9th Grade

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