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Notice Of Period For Public Comment

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has received an application from Brooks Construction Company, Inc., located at 3930 Hardrock Rd, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46819, for a significant revision of its FESOP issued on April 18, 2022. If approved by IDEM’s Office of Air Quality (OAQ), this proposed revision would allow Brooks Construction Company, Inc. to make certain changes at its existing source. Brooks Construction Company, Inc. has applied to install a new burner to replace an existing burner and replace a baghouse.

The applicant intends to construct and operate new equipment that will emit air pollutants; therefore, the permit contains new or different permit conditions. In addition, some conditions from previously issued permits/approvals have been corrected, changed, or removed. These corrections, changes, and removals may include Title I changes (e.g., changes that add or modify synthetic minor emission limits). The potential to emit regulated air pollutants will continue to be limited to less than the Title V and PSD major threshold levels. IDEM has reviewed this application and has developed preliminary findings, consisting of a draft permit and several supporting documents, which would allow the applicant to make this change.

A copy of the permit application and IDEM’s preliminary findings have been sent to:
Allen County Public Library – Waynedale Branch Library
2200 Lower Huntington Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46819

A copy of the preliminary findings is available on the Internet at: www.in.gov/ai/appfiles/idem-caats/

A copy of the application and preliminary findings is also available via IDEM’s Virtual File Cabinet (VFC). To access VFC, please go to: www.in.gov/idem/ and enter VFC in the search box. You will then have the option to search for permit documents using a variety of criteria.

This notice is posted on IDEM’s website (www.in.gov/idem/public-notices/).

You may request that IDEM hold a public hearing about this draft permit. If adverse comments concerning the air pollution impact of this draft permit are received, with a request for a public hearing, IDEM will decide whether or not to hold a public hearing. IDEM could also decide to hold a public meeting instead of, or in addition to, a public hearing. If IDEM decides to conduct a public hearing and/or public meeting, IDEM will post a separate announcement of the date, time, and location of that public hearing and/or public meeting on IDEM’s website (www.in.gov/idem/public-notices/).

Comments and supporting documentation, or a request for a public hearing should be sent in writing to IDEM at the address below. Please refer to permit number SPR 003-45662-00351 in all correspondence.

Comments should be sent to:
Jeremy Mwaniki
IDEM, Office of Air Quality
100 North Senate Avenue
MC 61-53 IGCN 1003
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2251
(800) 451-6027, ask for Jeremy Mwaniki or (317) 233-9664 Or dial directly: (317) 233-9664
Fax: (317) 232-6749 attn: Jeremy Mwaniki
E-mail: JMwaniki@idem.IN.gov

All comments will be considered by IDEM when we make a decision to issue or deny the permit. Comments that are most likely to affect final permit decisions are those based on the rules and laws governing this permitting process (326 IAC 2), air quality issues, and technical issues. IDEM does not have legal authority to regulate zoning, odor, or noise. For such issues, please contact your local officials.

If comments are received during the public notice period, the final decision will include a document that summarizes the comments and IDEM’s response to those comments. If you have submitted comments or have asked to be added to the mailing list, you will receive a Notice of the Decision. The notice will provide details on how you may appeal IDEM’s decision, if you disagree with that decision. The final decision will also be available on the Internet at the address indicated above and will also be sent to the local library indicated above, and the IDEM public file room on the 12th floor of the Indiana Government Center North, 100 N. Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2251.

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