Young Music Makers Release Video

16-year-old filmmaker Morgan Gullett, and 19-year-old, pop-country singer and songwriter Lauren Gottshall will release their new music video “Easy For Me” on December 10 to anxious fans.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, or where you live. What does matter in this business is that you’re not afraid to be persistent, that you’re driven, and that you have a thick skin!”, says Gullett.

Gullett, 16, a Homestead High School sophomore and aspiring filmmaker discovered Gottshall on social media and approached her about making a music video together. The whole process took several months. Gullett created the concept, gathered a crew of over 20 filmmakers from all over the country while Gottshall worked with music producer Mark Kenneth Williams on having the song professionally recorded. The young women fundraised together to earn what was needed for the two full days of production and weeks to follow of post-production work, with the editors. The result stands out as a beautifully filmed 4k music video collaboration between two driven women … who are both under 20.

Gullett, is a typical high school student who focuses on her studies, athletics, and enjoys time with her friends. In addition to two Indiana Entrepreneur Awards and Grants, Gullett has won several film festival awards for projects she has created, produced, written and cast. “Easy For Me”, which was filmed in September in Dallas, was her directorial debut. Gullett is directing another music video in Los Angeles later this month, two short films in Spring, and she is currently in development talks about a feature film for which she owns the (IP) story copyright. She plans to attend film school in 2024, right after high school.

Gottshall, 19, who has opened for musicians and bands, such as Chris Jansen, O.A.R., and The Samples released her first album, Expecting More, in 2019 on streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Gottshall, who is originally from the Chicago area, is studying songwriting and journalism at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and has been writing music since she was 12. She plays at venues nationwide, including recently the House of Blues Dallas. Lauren will graduate from college in 2024.

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